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    RINA Consulting – Centro Sviluppo Materiali

    Rina Consulting - Centro Sviluppo Materiali (RINA-CSM): is a fully private innovation centre with extensive experiences for the development and application of innovative processes and materials. CSM was founded in 1963 by Italy's major steel manufacturers and end-users to develop steel technologies and applications. Today CSM is part of RINA, a global provider of classification, certification, testing, inspection and training services for major industries. RINA-CSM research activities are mainly related to modelling and design of materials and products, optimization and development of processes, innovative pilot plants and reduction of environmental impact. With a staff of about 230 researchers, RINA-CSM ranks amongst Europe’s top Materials Research Centres. RINA-CSM is high-level participant also in the European Technological Platforms like ESTEP (steel) and EuMat (advanced materials) and also co-founder of RIES (Research Initiative European Steel) for the coordination among the main Iron&steel research centres in Europe. Currently RINA-CSM has more than 80 active Grant Agreements with the European Commission.

  • Nippon Gases
    Nippon Gases

    Nippon Gases is a historic company, one of the first in Italy to operate in the industrial gases sector. Founded in 1920, it is now part of Nippon Gases Europe, a company that belongs to Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation (NSHD), a large international company with more than 100 years of experience in the gas industry. The Group provides essential support to various industries including metals, chemicals, electronics, automotive, construction, marine and food, with a major presence in Japan, Southeast Asia, Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe. Thanks to the fruitful integration of European and Japanese cultures, Nippon Gases is able to guarantee the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones. It also holds numerous patents, both in the areas in which it traditionally operates and in alternative sectors, and invests in research, guaranteeing its support to bodies, institutions and universities in order to create and develop new applications and uses for gases. In this way, it enables an ever-increasing number of customers to achieve the objectives of qualitative, productive, economic and environmental improvement. Together we are "The Gas Professionals" and we have a single goal: "Making life better through gas technology."

  • SMS Group
    SMS group

    SMS Group is a group of global players in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals processing industry. With approx. 13,500 employees and an order intake of approx. 3,0 billion € in 2017, SMS Group with headquarters in Germany and worldwide presence in more than 50 countries is one of the world´s largest supplier. SMS Group operates as a full provider for technology, mechanics, electrics, automation and service, based on a broad product portfolio that comprises, among others, ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting plants, reheating furnaces, hot and cold rolling mill, strip processing and forging plants. The order range extends from the replacement or expansion of components, automation systems to delivery and construction of green field steel and rolling mills. The SMS Research Department includes around 200 employees who develop – beyond other products - tools for the modelling and optimization of metallurgical processes

  • Celsa Barcellona
    Celsa Barcellona

    Founded in 1967, CELSA GROUP™ is the largest Spanish-owned steel company and the second largest European long products producer. The multinational consists of eight large business groups with steel producers, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies and recycling centers. With more than 9,300 employees worldwide and with an industrial presence in Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Our aim is to be a leader in providing solutions for our customers around steel. CELSA is Europe's most diversified private steel group in long products. Our purpose is to satisfy all our customers with quality products and excellent and direct service, and to be a competitive, profitable and innovative group that leads our target markets and achieves sustained growth by being an efficient, flexible and dynamic organization. Managing and operating our business in an ethical, safe and environmentally responsible manner. Working together in this way, we can achieve a company with a sustainable and international presence for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • RWTH Aachen University
    RWTH Aachen University

    Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) founded in 1870 is a leading technical university in Germany successfully participating in numerous research projects in the RFCS and Framework funding programmes of the EU over the last decades. The Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB) at RWTH is one of the leading European university departments working on the electric arc furnace and its operation. The IOB is working on projects dealing with EAF process modelling, combustion and burner technology, fluid flow and heat transfer in furnaces. It previously participated in RFCS projects working on EAF energy and mass balances, off-gas measurements and post combustion optimization.

  • FERRIERE NORD – Pittini Group
    FERRIERE NORD – Pittini Group

    Ferriere Nord is an historic industrial complex producing steel long products serving the international market.
    This plant is the main steel mill of the Pittini Group. Thanks to the production capacity of over 3 million tons of steel per year, the Group is a leading producer both in the European market and in the Mediterranean area, boasting a turnover of 1.5 billion euros with a head count of over 1800. The production facilities, which are located in Italy and Europe, cover the entire steelmaking cycle from the raw material (ferrous scrap and recycled metals) to the finished product in the form of billets, rolled products for reinforced concrete in bars and coils and wire rod. The wire rod is further processed into electro-welded products for the building industry (such as mesh and lattice girders) or into rolled and drawn products for the mechanical industry and for the production of welding wires. The control of each specific production process along the entire steel production chain is an undisputed strength and distinctive feature of the Group, which is recognized for its reliability and the quality of its products.

  • AFV BELTRAME group
    AFV BELTRAME group

    Active in the iron and steel sector since 1896, AFV Beltrame Group is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the production of merchant bars and special profiles for multiple applications: construction, shipyards and excavators.
    Strong, cutting-edge and very competitive, the Group includes 3 electric furnaces and 10 rolling mills located in six factories in Italy, France, Switzerland and Romania, where over 2000 employees work. The 2020 revenue was about € 1 billion.
    The Beltrame Group’s leading role in the European market can be traced to the strengthening of the synergies created between all of the Group companies and the wealth of knowledge and professional expertise that characterises the entire production and distribution network in each country.